Stemma guides the innovation of the sole mouldingThe secret of the excellent results achieved by the company based in Treviso lies in the continuous drive towards innovation of its cutting edge machines.

May 17, 2018

If the growth of the last few years has been confirmed in 2017, the same is expected in 2018.

The company from Treviso is projected to achieve results of absolute importance.
Results obtained thanks to the constant and incessant commitment in the research and development activity that Stemma uses strategically to reach the highest levels of innovation. This philosophy has created proposals that are increasingly in line with the needs of a market that requires greater efficiency and control in production processes and solutions allowing to create more performing products.
In recent years Stemma put in place many innovations.


Compliance with the requirements of INDUSTRIA 4.0
Stemma machines are now equipped with specific sensors and a sophisticated control and supervision software that allows the interconnection between the machine and the company, optimizing production management and guaranteeing system diagnostics and efficiency.


“PLUS2” system for double ring moulding
Patented by Stemma, the system is conceived and developed revisiting the classic mould-holder for direct injection on the upper. With a normal injection cycle on the upper, it allows the production of footwear with rubber soles and midsoles with two different densities of Polyurethane. This enables, therefore, to reduce the weight of the sole and create zones with graduated density, to improve comfort and absorption of the impact on the ground.


RPU Spray Moulding Technology 

An absolutely innovative technology (also patented by Stemma) that can develop moulding defect-free products (such as air bubbles) of the highest quality. The high definition of the details and the thin thicknesses, suitable for high-end markets or products with refined features, has proved to be perfect for interpreting the production of high fashion and outdoor soles.



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Innovation at the forefront

Innovation at the forefront

Stemma expands the range and design of products injected onto the upper, for increasingly automated productions with controlled quality, without placing limits on production flexibility and the range offered

ICF GROUP was awarded by the Department For International Trade and IR Top Consulting in the “AIM ESG” category

ICF GROUP was awarded by the Department For International Trade and IR Top Consulting in the “AIM ESG” category

The delivery of AIM AWARDS took place during the 5th edition of the AIM Investor Day