Stemma Plus2, the new system for dual density injectionSpecialised for the last 20-plus years in the development of technologies and manufacturing systems and machines for the moulding of polyurethane products, Stemma presents the innovative double-ring “Plus2” moulding system.

Nov 21, 2018


The newly patented “Plus2” system has been conceived and developed by updating the classic mould-holder for direct injection onto uppers. With a normal injection cycle onto the upper, it also allows for the production of footwear with a rubber sole and a midsole in two different polyurethane densities. Thus, this system allows the weight of the sole to be reduced, creating areas of graduated density to improve the comfort of the foot and the shock of its impact with the grand.

Stemma S.r.l.

For over 20 years Stemma has been committed to developing technologies and manufacturing machines for the production of articles in polyurethane. […]

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