Sustainability and supply chain safety, Bartoli’s key factors Raw materials, manufacturing process and final product: these are the cornerstones on which the company based in Carraia (province of Lucca - Italy) built its focus, in order to grant sustainable components to the footwear industry

Jun 29, 2017

eco-brochure-defBartoli spa, a leader company in the production of fibreboards and semi-vulcanized fibres for the footwear industry, has always attentive to sustainability. Its mission is to make the environment better, to safeguard our planet’s resources and prevent risks for the health of consumers and of the several workers involved in the production process chain daily.

Recalling the concepts of circular economy, Bartoli looks at the future and believes that continuous innovation of its products cannot be irrespective of a careful evaluation of sustainability of raw materials, of production processes and of the finished product. The company has operated within this reference framework over the years, achieving valuable results. This is proved by the figures realated to 2016.

Concerning Raw Materials, the use of post-consumer recycled material has enabled to save the felling of 255,000 trees. To this, the recovery and reuse of “second” raw materials from customers up to an amount of over 1000 tons should be added.

As far as Manufacturing Processes are concerned – for which the acquisition of an environmental certification is envisaged within 2017 – savings recorded have been considerable, both in terms of CO2 emissions (2729 tons thanks to self-production of electrical and thermal energy), and in terms of water consumption (up to 440 litres per Kg of paper).

eco-brochureAt last, the Final Product – FSC®-certified since 2011. In order to comply with the more restrictive RSL (Restricted Substances List) filled by the most important brands, Bartoli has been constantly monitoring its final products by means of chemical tests performed in accredited third-party laboratories since 2014.

«We want to offer safety both to the supply chain that use and process directly our materials, as well the end consumers – so the company’s spokesperson. People using our products must be able to count on a constant and reliable partner, not only on safe products. Brands usually establish more restrictive RSL than the standard limits applied by the various countries in which they sell their items. And they are exactly our reference limit for all our production lines».


Bartoli S.p.A.

Bartoli is a tuscan company which deals with the processing of recycled paper and paperboard in order to manufacture various […]

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