Tessitura Attilio Imperiali, for a sustainable fashionTessitura Attilio Imperiali is an ancient company which has been designing and manufacturing fabrics for 4 generations emphasizing today’s sustainability.

Jul 03, 2018
Alessandra Imperiali with a young designer of the Fashion Academy
Alessandra Imperiali with a young designer of the Fashion Academy

The Attilio Imperiali fabrics relive the tradition and culture of a family and a territory with a strong textile vocation. These values must, however, be continually renewed and rethought according to the new scenarios.

Today we believe that we can combine industrial production with environmental protection and that respect for people and their future is at the base of a company’s mission

declares Alessandra Imperiali, owner of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali.

Why can your products be considered sustainable?
“We first of all focus on buying locally. We use high quality yarns processed in our warping and weaving departments and entrust the dyeing, printing and finishing phases to selected suppliers based on reliability and geographical proximity. In choosing our collaborators, in fact, we do not adopt the logic of cost advantage, but we prefer sharing common goals, trust and the desire to grow together. We believe that sustainability is a path to be shared with the entire supply chain and that can only arise from dialogue and collaboration with our customers and suppliers”.

And in terms of dangerous substances?
“In September 2014 we signed the Detox commitment launched by Greenpeace to the fashion world and eliminated from our production chemicals recognized as pollutants and dangerous for human health”.

ifa2Sustainability is also played in everyday life…
“We believe this. In fact, even in the choice of office materials we prefer those deriving from recycling or renewable sources. In addition to paying constant attention to energy saving: we have joined the ReteClima program which provides for actions to offset the produced CO2, by replanting areas that are poor in environmental resources”.

Sustainability also means social responsibility. How do you act in this respect?
“A sustainable company must pay attention to the relationship with future generations. We dedicate the Fashion Academy project to their growth and started to develop training projects reserved to future designers”.


Tessitura Attilio Imperiali http://www.attilioimperiali.it

The birth of the modern company dates back to 1961, when a small business was set up to produce bridal, […]

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