The goat that breathes.

Enhanced breathability for goatskin proposed by Conceria Nuvolari as shoe lining, without substantial changes to the visual impact of the material.

Jul 26, 2018

Breathability plays an important role in the choice of the materials used for making shoes: indeed, more breathable materials banish human-body humidity more easily, thus reducing the condensation of sweat, and increasing the consequent perception of comfort. Furthermore, breathability also means better thermal insulation, provided liquid water is absent. In order to achieve an excellent degree of breathability of the upper, Conceria Nuvolari thought of perfecting a material that is already excellent in that respect, that is to say, leather.

An upper produced with animal leather already has special breathability and thermoregulation properties – says the company – precisely because leather is a fabric made of a fine fibrous interweave and remains water vapour-permeable even after tanning. This means that it can absorb humidity fast, but it releases it slowly, thus producing the comfortable effect of thermoregulation. In order to guarantee these peculiarities the best way possible, we have conceived a system of plates featuring tiny conical pins that, with a certain pressure and precise timeframes, creates an additional network of microholes on leather. The process is solely mechanic, therefore totally natural. Thus it is sustainable, since it is not necessary to use any type of chemical substance.

The results are amazing: if the value of breathability of traditional leathers is greater than or equal to 2, this new patent guarantees a breathability that is greater than or equal to 16. A substantial difference that makes these leathers particularly suited for making shoes that need not only waterproof ability but also a high breathability, from inside to outside, guaranteeing a unique comfort even after prolonged use and in extreme environments.

And Conceria Nuvolari is certain it will be able to extend the system to other types of leather besides goatskins in the near future.


Conceria Nuvolari

Own-account and third-party production, sales and trade of leathers, lining materials and suchlike

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