The winners of the Re-Shoes ContestPatrizio Dolci (Confort Shoes) and 3DItaly, in collaboration with AtomLab, Ultimaker, and a team of young designers, give life to the shoe of the future.

Jun 19, 2017
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The first edition of the ‘ReShoes Contest’ was wrapped up at the end of May as a one-of-a-kind experiment that involved from one end, a community of artisans, and from the other end, a team of young designers, with the goal of creating the footwear of the future:  prototyping innovative ideas by reconciling new visions in footwear with the experience of Made in Italy craft workmanship and research on materials; adapting additive manufacturing processes to allow for rapid prototyping of new concepts.

Promoted by the Made in Italy footwear brand of Patrizio Dolci (produced by Confort Shoes), in collaboration with 3DiTALY, AtomLab, and Ultimaker, the contest offered the unique possibility to young and emerging designers from both Italy and abroad to create a new footwear concept and present it at the next international sector trade fairs of reference.

Sixty art works entered into the contest, ten finalists selected, but only two winners, who were given the great opportunity to participate in the rapid prototyping workshop:  Giovanni Crescenzi with his work “Mocassino 2.0”, and Claudia Imperatore with “Under Construction”, who was awarded the AtomLab special prize.

From 18 to 20 May, the finalists took part in the rapid prototyping workshop hosted by the Confort Shoes company and curated by the Patrizio Dolci artisans in collaboration with the 3DiTALY digital fabrication professionals.  Moreover, the learning path of the participants was enriched by the ATOMLab participation in the contest, which, with the support of Sergio Dulio, allowed them to come into contact with state-of-the-art projects in the Italian and global footwear field.

The immediate result of the ReShoes Contest was the prototyping speed.  The successful combination between craftsmanship and digital fabrication gave the opportunity to the participants to realise challenging and striking footwear prototypes, which were presented during the final event of this first edition held in the Confort Shoes company the evening of May 20, with the presence of the entire Patrizio Dolci artisan community.

“We are happy to have hosted so many creative talents, and we are happy to create and offer the market the fruit of this extraordinary moment represented by the ReShoes Contest” – commented Luciano Fiscina, CEO of Confort Shoes/Patrizio Dolci.


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