The workshop of sartorial reinforcement“High heels make a woman 25% more dominant, 50% more self-secure, and 100% more sexy”, is what Marilyn Monroe claimed and this is the philosophy followed by many fashion maisons, which have pushed themselves to create increasingly extreme and characteristic shapes that are sometimes even one-of-a-kind.

Feb 27, 2019

Not everyone knows that inside a stiletto heel lies a metal core responsible for reinforcing its structure, making it safe to stand on and reliable, despite the irregularity of the heel’s shape.


In fact, Facom has fully committed itself to ensuring that heels with increasingly complex shapes can be created. A commitment that has allowed it to become, after more than twenty years of activity, an important point of reference in the sector and a bona fide “workshop of sartorial reinforcement”.

Some utility models and a patent demonstrate the ability of Facom to continuously satisfy the demands of the market, through constant research on innovative materials, for a likewise number of solutions, which include above all tailor-made accessories. The added value of the Facom proposal can be found in the personalisation of its product range, with metallic reinforcements for heels divided up between elastic pins, turned pins, laser-cut pins, inserts for heel layers and metal heels.facom201902_008__mg_8964



On a side note, the Facom INFLEX patented heel layer is considered an especially cutting-edge product, since it has elevated the quality of the mould and its use, thanks to its elasticity, making it an essential product in the production process.

It is understood that Facom is the antithesis, while fully remaining a part of it, of that which is often taken for granted in fashion: that which cannot be seen does in fact exist!

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