Torielli inaugurates its new headquarters in a mix of tradition and innovationSpeaking of Torielli is the same as speaking of the great tradition and history of the Italian shoe-machinery sector. A history built upon keen intuition, a high level of professionalism, innovation and service. A history that today has found a brand new setting: the new headquarters in Vigevano’s corso della Repubblica.

Nov 03, 2017
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Torielli celebrated the inauguration of its new and prestigious headquarters in great style with a six-day open house held from 2 to 7 October, during which the company welcomed distinguished guests, customers, and the press to its new location situated in the heart of Vigevano’s historical centre, in corso della Repubblica no. 14.

giovanni-torielli-mostra-al-sindaco-andrea-ala-il-nuovo-showroomThe historical palace hosting the company’s new headquarters was previously the location of a Bank of Italy branch office (which still has a vault that it is possible to visit!). It is characterized by spacious and bright rooms that accommodate the sales and marketing departments, administrative offices, and engineering division dedicated to supplying solutions for the productive needs of clientele. Moreover, it also hosts a showroom, where it is possible to admire a selection of Torielli’s leading machines; from the historic nailing machine that goes back to the founding year of the company, to state-of-the-art Nestor cutting machines.

A prestigious location that combines tradition and innovation, while respecting the spirit that has always characterized my family – declares Giovanni Torielli, owner of the company – The merit goes to my grandfather Pietro, an innovator and visionary, who was convinced that Italians could create better machines than the Germans, which at that time were considered leaders in the sector. There was then my father, Pietro Junior, an Ambassador of Italian and Vigevano technology worldwide.

22154368_10155847602862164_4721596287140829132_nThe Torielli family revolutionized the Italian shoe-machinery sector, taking a stance right from the start as one of its forerunners. The company was launched in 1924, when Pietro Torielli made his first venture into the sector: young, but with clear ideas, the company soon established itself both nationally and internationally, giving what had been the undisputed leadership of Germany a run for its money. In the aftermath of World War II, Pietro Torielli had a moment of great insight destined to change the DNA of the company: noticing the sector lacked a company capable of resupplying the entire range of equipment used by a footwear manufacturing facility, he decided to fill this gap by proposing his company as a “marketing department”, which promoted and sold the machines and equipment produced by many smaller manufacturers under the Torielli brand.

With the entrance of Pietro Torielli Junior into the company in 1957, the company expanded upon this vocation, while taking on a decidedly international scope, thus becoming the point of reference for top shoe manufacturing countries in search of technological cutting-edge solutions, like those proposed by Italian factories. Moreover, thanks to its activities abroad, the company was subsequently granted the prestigious “Ambassador of Made in Italy” award by the Italian Government in 1986.

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The experience acquired over the years and partnerships forged with producers of machinery and technologies saw Torielli enter the era of the web with a strong competitive advantage over other companies operating in this sector: during this phase, Torielli’s vocation as a consultant and supplier of solutions became predominant. In 2015, the new Engineering department was set up, with specialized footwear production experts capable of offering the very best in consultancy services to footwear manufacturers around the globe:

We are accordingly capable of supplying solutions for all productive needs – explains Giovanni Torielli, the third generation at the head of the company – starting from the selection of specific machines for certain kinds of production to the organization of productive lines with the aim of improving the efficiency of productive processes.

Today, Torielli is a company with more than ninety years of experience behind it and a solid reputation as a partner par excellence to businesses operating in the footwear industry, offering products, services, and solutions, which optimize productive processes.

The company catalogue features more than one thousand machines that reply to every phase of production; and state-of-the-art technologies for cutting, including Nestor, which is considered one of the top ranking systems in terms of performance and speed currently available on the market, and ERP software for the production of footwear, components, and materials.

However, the true Torielli resource is its Engineering department, which is aimed at offering a complete consultancy service to international clientele for project planning, engineering, and the implementation and efficient running of individual factory lines or complete plants. Solutions that are “made-to-measure”, in order to reply to the individual needs of each customer.

Completing the Torielli offer is a mission of complete customer care, from the installation of machinery to an after sales service, with on-site and online assistance. This is joined by a spare parts and consumables service, which also covers machines that are no longer in production.

Torielli S.p.A.

Torielli S.p.A. is a leading representative of the Italian and International footwear industry and it has been operating since 1924, […]

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