UITIC 2018, reflections on the future of footwearMany crucial themes will be discussed during the International Congress dedicated to the world of footwear, to be held from May 16th to 18th in Portugal.

Mar 08, 2018
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55UITIC - International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians is an organisation focused on developing and improving technical knowledge in the footwear industry through the organisation of international conferences and the promotion and exchange of technological between its members.

It is precisely within this context that the next Congress will be held in Porto in May, organised by APICCAPS – the Portuguese association representing footwear and leather goods companies and by CTCP – the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre.

intercontinental-porto-4164645857-2x1Various topics will be discussed during the event. A selection of 30 speeches will be delivered on different subjects: new products and services linked to consumers’ needs; intelligent development and production, towards a technological revolution; analysis of the impact that sustainability, supply chain transparency and regulatory trends have on factories; human-centred factories and new forms of management.

Françoise Nicolas, UITIC General Secretary anticipates the atmosphere of the 20th UITIC Congress:

It will be a unique opportunity to meet leading experts from the main footwear manufacturing areas and to have detailed information on the best innovations currently available and to become familiar with the main technological evolutions for the footwear sector.

2018, 16-18 May, PORTO

The date to be marked on the agenda is 16 to 18 May 2018, at the Sheraton Hotel in Porto (Portugal).

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ARSUTORIA School undertakes professional training

ARSUTORIA School undertakes professional training

The famous pattern-making school in Milan extends its activity to include professional training. One of the first commitments is to train young people from the earthquake-hit region of the Marche to work in footwear production.

Torielli inaugurates its new headquarters in a mix of tradition and innovation

Torielli inaugurates its new headquarters in a mix of tradition and innovation

Speaking of Torielli is the same as speaking of the great tradition and history of the Italian shoe-machinery sector. A history built upon keen intuition, a high level of professionalism, innovation and service. A history that today has found a brand new setting: the new headquarters in Vigevano’s corso della Repubblica.

ARSUTORIA School and the future of Lombard footwear workers.

ARSUTORIA School and the future of Lombard footwear workers.

One thousand hours to train 30 prospective footwear technicians. The new IFTS course is a precious opportunity for young people, who will learn a trade on the field, and an advantageous one for the companies that are looking for young workers with an education in the technical-productive field, as nowadays it’s hard to find them on the job market.