Tales of Italian leather. UNIC and the Sustainability Report 2017A new graphical layout that proposes the Sustainability Report in different formats, in order to increase its circulation as much as possible, destining it to the entire leather industry, from suppliers to the end consumer

Jul 04, 2017
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publication“Italian tannery is really competitive because it is sustainable, while others can grant themselves the horrendous privilege of not being so”. These are the words of Antonio Calabrò, director of Fondazione Pirelli, during the presentation of the 15th edition of “UNIC Sustainability Report”.

A provocation that, however, finds its truth in numbers. In fact, the primacy of Italian tannery as regards sustainability is indisputable, if one thinks about the significant investments made in 2016, higher than in 2015, and in direct continuity with the trends of the previous years: the incidence of the costs of sustainability on the industry’s turnover (5 billion euro) is 4.4%, 85% of which consists of environmental operational costs.

Gianni Russo, president of UNIC, presents the contents of the report in this way:

Italian tanneries adapted to the modern environmental awareness, so the attention to ‘sustainability’ has promoted a cultural leap. The tannery is the central ring of the production chain, the one that is in the most delicate position. The main criticalities are concentrated there.

Criticalities that, in any case, they are trying to overcome: every year, the tanning industry on the whole recovers about 1,700 km2 of raw hide all over the world - the percentage for Italian tannery is 8%, about 125 km2; 76% of tannery waste is destined to recovery, a percentage that rises up to 84% if we consider all production wastes; in 2016, there have been 568 work accidents (60% less than in 2003).

These are clear examples of a strong commitment to sustainability from the Italian tannery world, which the UNIC Sustainability Report 2017 wants to underline with a new editorial concept, a “tale” of the Italian sustainable excellence, marked by 7 keywords that explain the reasons why Italian leather generates Emotion, creates Value and is Natural, Clean, Safe, Ethical, Innovative.


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L’Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria, opera dal 1946 a tutela delle aziende associate promuovendo gli interessi della categoria, rappresentandoli ad ogni […]

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