Rubber Italy: “We are soles”The wide range of soles proposed by the Marche company makes it possible to meet the most diverse requests, remaining at the same time faithful to the company’s mission to offer quality at a competitive price.

Sep 11, 2018

dsc_00788Rubber Italy s.r.l. is a company that has been producing soles since 1953. It was founded in a territory with a long tradition in footwear, in Monte Urano (in the Marche district of Fermo). It has gradually expanded its production, integrating TR, TPU, PU and latex soles. Besides producing light rubber soles (AIR line - Advanced Innovative Rubber), made with an ultralight material that has the same technical characteristics of rubber.

Rubber Italy also produces a wide range of technical items:

  • Rubber sheets to be cut
  • soles to be milled with respective heel layers
  • technical soles for motorcycle boots and for driver shoes with fireproof characteristics
  • safety soles, with antistatic, antiacid and antioil characteristics
  • soles for trekking shoes
  • for elegant, formal, informal shoes, men’s and women’s mocassins
  • sneakers
  • as well as the latest fashion trends for men and women

A really wide range of products. Find out by visiting the website

And in order to guarantee a high and constant quality level, Rubber Italy has equipped itself with an internal laboratory where control tests are carried out both on raw materials and on finished soles.

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