How will next winter be? Davos repliesFor the next A/W 2019-20 season, the Treviso company further expands its offer looking to the world of sneakers and to the sports segment.

Sep 03, 2018

evertech__s__4827The Davos proposal for the 2019-20 winter season is definitely one of the most diversified of the last few years, since, besides the Varnished Thunit, important novelties will affect Microporous rubber and the world of Sneakers.

In the Sports segment, too – in particular motorcycling and Free Climbing – Davos presents new high-performing items.

The production diversification that Davos has begun is actually the direct consequence of a market that has new facets in various contexts and that is more and more willing to welcome new product types, colour types and innovations. But it is an increasingly faster, more difficult and selective market, where a contraction in consumption continues, and a market that fundamentally rewards quality and innovation.

Therefore, Davos has increased investment in Research and Development, and multiplied its efforts at a creative level and at production level, thus creating a really interesting collection, characterized by the variety of proposals.

thunit-simile-cuoio__s__4792For a THUNIT MORE AND MORE SIMILAR TO NATURAL LEATHER, Davos has developed a sole that is practically like leather. In this case, research has been carried out not on the finishing but on the compound, obtaining extremely satisfying results both for compact thunit and microporous rubber.

Another frontier is represented by laser engravable microporous rubber and varnishable rubber: we are talking about EVERTECH, a high-quality Microlite rubber, where the colour change due to laser engraving remains coherent and the tone remains the same. The proposed samples are essentially about the colour ochre, but the range can be easily expanded.

The line FLORAL DIGITAL is instead an absolute novelty. It is not about varnishing but digital printing applied directly on the sheet. By way of example some floral patterns, some autumn foliage, but also pied de poule and tartan, have been realized. This type of application, certainly a high-impact one, is extremely versatile. Indeed, any design or photo can be printed on the sheet, for very elegant and yet captivating soles.


As for the sports context, the new compounds with high-performance characteristics and dedicated to the free climbing market stand out.
The item STICK, already extensively tested and customized by various top customers of the sector, is presented essentially in four types: Stick Plus, the basic product; Technostick, rubber for indoor shoes; Stick Zero, rubber for those who demand the best in terms of performance; Stick Green, rubber obtained from the recovery of production scraps. There are novelties also for Motorcycling: new compounds and new designs for the newborn winter proposals.


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