With Appleskin, Khriò D+ sneakers are sustainable and circularAt the beginning there was Orange Fiber adopted by Ferragamo for a capsule collection of accessories. Then, the drive of sustainable fashion kicked off many other projects that make the most of the potential offered up by organic fibres: this is the case of D+ di Khriò.

Jun 14, 2018

A striking look and contemporary design, with an innovative and sustainable spirit: the sneakers belonging to the D+ collection by Khirò seem to the be same as those we are used to wearing. But they have one important difference that makes them stand out from other sports shoes: they are made using an innovative organic material derived from apple discards: Appleskin.

Already adopted by the automotive, furnishing, and leather goods industries, Appleskin is the brainchild of the Bolzano-based company of Frumat. This Alto Adige company in fact mixes the skins, cores, and stems of apples with 50% polyurethane to create a biopolymer which, when bonded with fabric, can be used in the production of footwear uppers. These are the origins of a material that is pleasant to look at, with the advantage of being biodegradable, while contributing at the same time to a circular economy, through the recovery of cellulose otherwise destined for incineration.

The first to have adopted Appleskin for use in shoes was Alma Spa in Montecosaro, owner of the Khirò brand, which, with the project of D+, becomes a forerunner of sustainability in the footwear manufacturing industry: “We are very interested in experimenting with new materials of a reduced environmental impact that are recycled or from renewable sources – declared CEO Claudio Sagripanti-. For us, Appleskin was an important test: after the success of the first capsule collection launched for Summer 2018, we are already working on the second collection”.

Beautiful and good, it must be said that Khriò D+ sneakers are the first to merge quality, innovation, and sustainability into one philosophy. D+ expresses many concepts: Dream represents the ambition to live in a sustainable world; Development is the allusion to research on innovative and eco-friendly materials; and Design underlines the search for a contemporary style that is also responsible at the same time.

Khriò D+ has a minimal look of great appeal; expressed in a palette of pastel tones, shaded by hand, with optional geometric patterns, these shoes use organic materials like Appleskin and have a packaging in line with the green philosophy of the project. Aimed at a public that is increasingly attentive to the themes of recycling and circular economy in the fashion industry, D+ marks the beginning of an increasingly sustainable and virtuous pathway for the Marches brand.

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