Zago: we give shape to customer needsZago, innovation at the service of high quality moulds since 1958

May 26, 2016
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Zago, innovation at the service of high quality moulds since 1958

«Our projects are alive!»

exclaims Giorgio Zago when asked to explain what he believes is at the centre of the work performed by Zago, one of the most important manufacturers of footwear moulds.

«Collaboration with the customer creates the best ideas. I spend much of my time optimising the organisation of customer projects. In critical cases, the best solution is to work alongside the customer in the co-design, sharing the entire design phase and developing shared ideas»

PU-ONE-DENSITY-MOULDcontinues the son of the founder of the Venetian company. What is the company’s mission? To meet the needs of those who want to produce safety, trekking, casual and sports footwear. Zago’s commitment, in fact, is to provide moulds that guarantee maximum performance. Reliability, precision and passion are the foundations of the company’s philosophy, a way of thinking that allows offering customers customised solutions based on the production requirements, as well as comprehensive consultancy and specialised support up to the final testing. International leader in the creation of direct injection moulds on uppers, Zago frequently works on different types of moulds: PU, PUR, RPU, PU-PU, TPU -PU, PU-PU/TPU, TPU-TPU/PU, RUB-PU, RUB-PU2, RUB-PUR, RUB-RUB, RUB-RUB/PU.

Zago S.r.l.

Since its establishment in 1958, Zago has constructed moulds for footwear with passion and dedication. Over the years, thanks to […]

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