An instant celebrity thanks to her iconic Bunnies sneaker with rabbit ears, Finnish designer Minna Parikka celebrated the 15th anniversary of her internationally renowned brand with a memorable exhibition held at the flagship store in Helsinki, which was inserted in the official programme of Helsinki Fashion Week, from 3 to 13 September.

Minna Parikka was just 15 years old “when she fell into the rabbit hole of the White Rabbit of creativity”: ever since, she has not come out, and just like an inspired Alice, has decided to follow her dream of giving life to amazing footwear. The exhibition “Minna Parikka – 15 Years of Shoe Love” reveals her great love for shoes in a timeline that unwinds among her most acclaimed shoe models: in addition to the iconic Bunnies series – a theme developed also in flats, boots, and pumps-, is the destructured Hearts oxford with laces embellished by little hearts, Rainbow sneakers with rainbow platforms, and Sushi sandals with the nose of the quarter adorned with sashimi and futomaki… The creations of Minna Parikka are characterised by their originality and playful tone, a naïve touch that has conquered fans around the world, including VIPs for example like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, and the Kardashian sisters.