More and more brands, concerned about the wellbeing of the planet, are making their productions as green as possible. Centro Accessori understood the need for a “sustainable transformation” well in advance. In addition to the Conscious Collection launched in 2019, it also offers technical and stylistic advice for the creation and production of completely sustainable leather footwear and articles. The product development started with the study of new and innovative recycled materials, which have been carefully tested to ensure their suitability for use on bags, footwear and leather goods. The range of articles available is now very wide and includes, among other things, materials for uppers and linings, fabrics, trimmings, elastics, laces, zips, packaging materials, padding and reinforcements. Centro Accessori also offers various processes such as embroidery with recycled yarn and various types of printing, screen-printing with soy ink, sublimation printing with water-based ink and digital printing, without forgetting the possibility of customisation according to customer requirements. The company is also focusing on recycled, natural and biodegradable materials such as coconut husk, recycled tetra packs, milk-based plastic, bioresins, as well as alternatives to synthetic fabrics and leather using raw materials of vegetable origin (cactus, apple or coated lining on a bamboo backing) or fabrics made with yarn obtained from recycled PET bottles sourced from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea by the Seaqual initiative.
Another recent milestone for the Marche-based company is the creation of the 100% sustainable shoe without the use of adhesives, made in partnership with another leading company in the Fermo-Macerata footwear district: Ciucani Mocassino Machinery Srl. Ciucani has patented a system where traditional adhesive-based assembly is replaced by two stitching tasks, the first to apply the upper to the insole and the second to apply the bottom. The shoe is made from materials found in the Conscious Collection: recycled leather fibres, bamboo coated linings, recycled ribstop fabric, recycled Refil yarn, recycled footbeds, recycled soles, flat laces in recycled cotton, toe cap and counter in recycled materials. It was conceived to demonstrate how it is actually possible to make a product and a process that are as sustainable as possible, using the most innovative technical solutions available on the market. The system is a working island, which allows 5 operators to produce up to 300 pairs in 8 hours. The overall cost of the working island designed by Ciucani is much lower than the traditional system, it requires fewer operators and can be used not only for adhesive-free sneakers, but also for Goodyear and Reverse footwear, such as moccasins and ballet flats.

Sustainable shoe assembled without the use of adhesives
Lace eyelet in coconut husk and fabric made from 100 per cent hemp
Shoe dust bag made of recycled cotton