It was not easy and it was not obvious to be able to organise an event that would provide a clear sign of responsibility and optimism to the fashion and luxury supply chain.
Built around a smart display formula, characterised by a sober, but welcoming setting, A New Point Of View involved its reference community in phygital mode, presenting the trends for the 2021/2022 Winter season based on the The Era Of Simplifying 2 – Slow Is The New Hot mood.
Thanks to a rich schedule of streaming events, the phygital mode of A New Point Of View made it possible to total over 120,000 interactions from 30 countries on the social platforms of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn in only 2 days. As for the dominant trends, the same organisers of A New Point Of View described the emerging concepts as follows: “A desire to develop stylistic scenarios capable of balancing, within them, a reassuring revisitation of classic themes with surprising flashes of contemporaneity. Renewing and strengthening the structural common denominator’s dimension of the sustainable mission of the leather supply chain”.

The event also represented an opportunity to reflect on the difficult numbers that tell all about the sector for the first half of the year. The Italian tanning industry is estimated to have lost a total seasonal turnover of 31% and 23% of production volume compared to the previous year. Significant changes concern also data regarding the foreign trade of the sector in terms of tanned and finished raw materials. Import volumes in Italy fell by 18% for raw hides and by 24% for semi-finished products, while the total drop of national exports of finished leathers was equal to 34% in value.
The analysis of individual flows of Italian exports of finished products by country of destination does not show great differences between the main markets reached, all with decreases approximately between 20% and 40%.
Fabrics, synthetics and leather substitutes are obviously also in crisis, with an average loss of turnover equal to 25% for EU producers compared to 2019. The trend of synthetic material and synthetic and artificial fibre fabrics is critical, in the face of a serious drop in regenerated leather fibres, whose overall sales are more than halved seasonally.
Heavy decreases in turnover also for accessories and components, where the average of European production records a decline of 26% in the first part of the year.

The next appointment with Lineapelle? Fingers cross for the February 24 – 26, 2021.