I brand del gruppo Eurmoda

Eurmoda, a Veneto-based company with over 30 million in revenues, leader of a pool of highly integrated companies specialising in the development and creation of accessories for customised and tailor made luxury (for leather goods, footwear and eyewear), was acquired by Mandarin Capital Partners III. The aim of the fund is to create an Italian pole of suppliers for luxury companies. “It is our first acquisition in the fashion sector and it will not be the last one”, explained Andrea Tuccio, partner of Mandarin Capital Partners III, to Il Sole-24Ore. “The idea is to invest in complementary small and medium-sized enterprises, which often work with big brands, making them grow nationally and internationally, also focusing on new technologies”.
The procedure led to the creation of the holding company Margot (headed by Eurmoda), of which 70% will be held by the fund and 30% by Marco Vecellio, CEO of Eurmoda, who will lead the Newco.