A creative and innovative laboratory that allows fashion and lifestyle brands, along with the “edgiest” retailers, to develop their own collections by taking charge of every aspect of design, development, and production for them. This is the service offered by ACDL, the new brand that focuses on avant-garde aesthetics and “exceptional savoir faire”, by implementing innovative processes inspired by the fashions of tomorrow, like customisation, made-to-order, open factory, and sustainability.

acdl-neon-last-and-3d-printThe laboratory uses 3D prototyping processes, including rendering and 3D printing, which allow for the optimisation of production times and materials, while at the same time allowing for customisation and on-demand production. In every phase of the design process and development, a special focus is reserved for the selection of sustainable materials, which are considered a source of inspiration for new design possibilities.

Finally, ACDL allows for the creation of physical and virtual contents that allow every phase in design and production to be shown, and eventually made available to brands and customers, in a philosophy of complete transparency.

The innovative possibilities offered by the ACDL laboratory were put on show during the launching of the first ACDL1 capsule collection presented at the Milan Furniture Fair. Protagonist of the collection was the NEON model: a streamlined boot with mid-height trapezoidal heel, in white leather upper with black trim, and black neoprene sock, with the event’s public invited to personalise it by choosing from among 18 different colour and material versions.