Recently becoming part of Crab Holding S.p.A., ALC Adhesive Technologies has been producing for over twenty years a range of technical adhesives and tapes suited for different industrial sectors.

The company has developed a consolidated experience in the high fashion footwear industry by creating a series of high-tech systems, including the innovative Kyotex System®.

With the Kyotex® system, the first in the world, ALC has revolutionised the cleaning insole gluing method, automating a long and costly process which is still done by hand today.

The Kyotex® cold gluing system has numerous advantages not only linked to production optimisation (just one machine is enough to cover the work of all assembly lines, it eliminates drying wait time, it gives the possibility of preparing insoles with adhesive applied off line…), but also and above all to the quality of the finished product and sustainability.

In fact, the system allows insoles and accessories of any shape, size or design to be glued in a simple, quick and clean way, ensuring precise edges without any smudges.

Furthermore, Kyotex® is an eco-friendly system: it is a 100% solid, anallergic, transpirable and solvent free and therefore free of harmful or flammable fumes. For the worker, this is a guarantee against occupational illness stemming from inhalation, allergies and incorrect hand position during processing.

With over 1200 machines active in Italy alone, ALC Tecnologie Adesive serves all the most famous Italian and foreign brands and, by automating a process which has been carried out by hand until now, it allows to reduce staff on the production line and increase productivity.