In the times of pandemic, the PALF – Pan African Leather Fair keeps a channel of connection with operators open, organising its first webinar, in live streaming this coming 8 June from 2 p.m., entitled “Withstanding the outbreak of COVID 19 in the African Leather industry”. The event, organised in collaboration with Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI), Leather Apex Kenya and The South African Leather Export Council (SAFLEC), is an opportunity to discuss the current escalating global situation and discover what you need to thrive and not only survive during this crisis. At the same time, the webinar will offer opportunities to learn more on the current situation of the African leather industry, including its challenges and opportunities.
Moderating the event will be professor Mekonnen Halemariam, working since 2012 at ALLPI, Leather Value Chain Expert, and currently, Programs Coordinator and Advisor to the Executive Director positions.
Speeches will be made by professor Mwinyikione Mwinyihija, Executive Director of ALLPI, Congress president of the IULTCS and WLC 2021 and Vice President of the International Council of Tanners on the theme: “Africa's Strive Towards Skills Portability to Nurture SME's Leather Development in an Innovative Operational Ecosystem”. Beatrice Mwasi, Business Development Specialist, CBiT and Founder of Leather Apex Society of Kenya will instead speak on: “Creating, Delivering and Capturing Value in Leather Enterprises in the midst of Covid-19”. Nerisha Jaira, Executive Director of Saflec, will speak on the topic: “The Pandemic and its Effect and Propositions on the Footwear and Leather Market in South Africa and Global Analysis”.
You can register online for the event at: .