A union of two words, alter meaning alteration and ray
Alteray is the exclusive Biasiotto technology that allows materials to change colour in sunlight or under UV rays.
It is a mixture based on water and metal free pigments, just as incredible as it is safe: in fact, it has obtained the Reach certifications (CE 1907/2006) which guarantee its sustainability and non-toxicity.

WOW effect
With Alteray it is possible to play with the colour of fabrics, leathers and other materials, creating surprising effects: you can create photochromic elements where colours vary according to the incidence of light, luminescent effects that see colours light up in the dark or, again, photochromic surfaces with fluorescent properties. An incoming thermosensitive effect thanks to which colours change according to the detected temperature.

Technology and aesthetics
Alteray is an extremely versatile technology. In fact, its luminous effects can be achieved through different tools, depending on the product that will see them applied: you can use screen printing, the airbrush technique, or work directly on cotton, silk, linen and polyester yarns. Its pigments are also suitable for PU, PTU, rubber, Eva and polyurethane fiberglass moulding.

A world of applications
The fashion industry was the first to be seduced by the Alteray effects. The world of footwear, clothing and leather goods have in fact already tested the infinite potential of this technology on their products. Potential that has now become the hallmark of many companies in various sectors: from jewellery to giftware, from furniture to automotive, from boating to construction.

Alteration considered as a change
A technology that can be defined as extraordinary. Not just for its performance, but because it manages to do things without weighing on the environment. Thanks to the particular composition and Reach certified metal free pigments, Alteray has changed the rules of the sector, creating a sustainable technology ideal for eco-friendly companies that share the dream of a completely biodegradable product.