Thanks to a significant investment in research and collaboration with the best professionals in the sector, the start-up Alteray Technology® managed to obtain an exclusively water-based mixture, composed of metal free pigments, which allows fabrics, leathers and many other materials to change colour in sunlight or under the effect of UV rays.
The pigments developed by Alteray Technology® comply with the REACH regulations (CE 1907/2006) and, above all, are accompanied by certifications and technological tests and eco-toxicological analytics. The novelty of the Alteray Technology® offer is essential for all brands that want to embrace a vision of an eco-sustainable and bio-degradable product. A product, therefore, that ensures two fundamental values ​​for fashion today: the WOW effect and attention to the environment.

“The name Alteray Technology® – says the company – was born from the union of two words Alter (alteration) and Ray to better indicate both the power of the sun to change the colour of a product treated with our pigments, and the importance of change in our approach to fashion. A change that we believe should increasingly lead towards sustainable choices”.
For Alteray Technology®, the last few months have been fundamental to fine-tune the technology. To date, the available colour changes go far beyond the classic ‘from white to yellow or blue or purple’, but embrace a range of over 60 shades. And, even more importantly, pigments are now compatible with a huge variety of materials: yarns (both dyed and screen printed), synthetics, fabrics, leathers (through screen printing) and soles (not only in terms of spraying, but also of compound and injection moulding), rubber, PVC, PU, ​​TPU, EVA, aluminum.

The Alteray Technology® can already be successfully applied in the fashion, construction, nautical and automotive sector. Morevoer, the strength of this new product also lies in the possibility, for each brand, to develop customised projects perfectly tailored to individual needs together with Alteray Technology®.
As is already happening with designers and brands by the likes of Alex Gray and famous high fashion houses. Alteray Technology® is synonymous with quality and certified guarantee, entirely made in Italy.