The new proprietary technology developed by Gruppo Mastrotto responds to the needs of the particular time the world is going through. An innovative antibacterial and antiviral treatment that ensures high safety standards, reducing the presence of viruses and bacteria on surfaces almost to zero.

With numerous laboratory tests confirming its effectiveness, the Research & Development team of Gruppo Mastrotto has designed, produced in-house and patented a brand new treatment that eliminates 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria that might be found on leather. Acting as a surface barrier, it prevents the replication of pathogens that may come into contact with the leather. In fact, the surfaces of objects – especially those that are handled and used by many people – can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, turning them into a disease vector.

This new treatment can be applied to all the leather types currently produced by Gruppo Mastrotto which cover numerous fields of application: footwear, leather goods, clothing, furniture, automotive, aviation and boating. Its uses range from accessories to areas of public interest including lounges, furnishing accessories, seats and vehicles.

“This is the culmination of significant efforts and investments made in the Research and Development field – says Chiara Mastrotto, President of Gruppo Mastrotto. Innovation has always been a fundamental driver for our company”.

Gruppo Mastrotto Style Department