For the whole of the next autumn-winter season, the period between 2019 and 2020, the world of sneakers will keep raging undisturbed in that area of fashion that is on the border between sport and casual, performance, style and comfort.

Extremely bulky soles that will characterize both high and low models.

Their design will be shaped by fluid, enveloping lines that will destructure bottoms into more or less asymmetrical and protruding blocks.

Cuts, slots and bi-color effects make the whole even more aggressive.

Much the same, although with a few variations, the whole world of the soles mostly inspired by running. In this case, too, volumes can become considerable, but functionality and performance seem to win more and more, in comparison with the extremization of design.

A large part of the panorama of winter soles is characterized also by the strong influence of patterns (often inspired by the famous tank texture) which, as always, lend an extremely aggressive look, almost military, to the models. Despite that, this approach is also chosen for elegant casual shoes, as well as Texan-style boots.

More traditional male proposals, or female and coloured ones, close the circle together with the world of metallized heels or of a natural customizations.