Outdoor footwear continues to be one of the most requested products in the sector, able to cover 25% of the sales of the entire sector.

A product category that for years has given satisfaction to producers and that attracts interest among buyers.

But what are, at this moment, the themes dear to the market segment?

Undoubtedly everything related to the concept of multi-functionality, products and shoes suitable for more than one occasion of use.

Able to better interpret more than one role and to lighten the baggage of the adventurer. The Lowa brand, for example, has enjoyed excellent growth in this niche.

Another hot topic is that of personalisation, of the possibility of having not only innovative and performing footwear, able to face extreme conditions, but also developed starting from the specific needs of each foot. A terrain faced by Tecnica and its system to customise the fitting of its hiking models.

The ‘urban outdoor’ world does not stop being successful. The fusion between fashion and sport is ridden by many brands, including Keen, Dachstein and Meindl.

Finally, the question of sustainability, is always on the podium in order of importance. Aku presented the first footwear with Environmental Declaration (leather free of hexavalent chromium, zero-impact linings, insole made by bamboo and coconut fibres).

Hanwag, on the other hand, expands its collection by equipping it with the new Eco-Shell membrane without PFC.

There are many themes on the table of Outdoor world, which as always trolls with decision towards innovation.