“Finally, a course dedicated to the real competitive advantage of Italian footwear industry: the know-how. That ‘hand’ that everyone admires and that, in Italy, reaches its highest quality level in the areas of Parabiago and Vigevano. If we will be able to make the companies of that area grow we will increasingly be the natural interlocutors of big luxury brands”. This is how Matteo Pasca, Director of ARSUTORIA school, underlines the importance of the training project that is starting these days: the Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS) course for the footwear industry dedicated to thirty young diplomats.
ragazzi-iftsOver one thousand hours for a path that combines classroom lessons with a lot of practice to do in a 460 hour-long internship, and aims at training highly specialised figures, ready to work in the manufacturing departments of footwear factories.
Strongly desired by the companies that belong to the footwear districts in the provinces of North Milan area and Vigevano, the most important ones in Lombardy, the training plan has been realized through a Temporary Association made up of Confindustria Alto Milanese, Confindustria Pavia, Assocalzaturifici, ISIS Bernocchi, Inveruno’s IS Marcora, Eurolavoro, ARSUTORIA School, Fondazione Istituto d’Arte e Mestieri Roncalli, Vigevano’s ATOM Lab and the University of Pavia.

For years, our sector – Giovanna Ceolini, Vice President of Assocalzaturifici, comments – has been suffering from the chronic lack of competent and motivated technicians, despite the possibility of making a career and an attractive remuneration. We are very pleased with the start of this initiative, because it will enable young people to gain skills that can be used immediately in the work world. I hope they will grasp this opportunity and understand its importance and value.


testimonianze-aziendali-iftsEntrepreneurs and managers will teach them how to design and develop the components of an artisanal product, make the sketch, and collaborate in making prototypes and launching them into production, adopting the teaching method of the Danish Production School, promoted by the European project Learn2Work.
In particular, ARSUTORIA school will simulate with the students the experience of a real production line in its ARS-LAB, the shoe factory inside the school.
Finally, Diego Rossetti, President of the famous company from Parabiago, reaffirms the importance of the initiative:

Italy is the fourth country in the world in terms of footwear exports, but the first one in terms of reputation. On this point we outdistance our competitors, but we should not rest on our laurels. We have to preserve this credibility, an asset that requires great technicians in order to keep convincing great designers to make their shoes here.

The data of the schools that activated this IFTS course are very encouraging, as 60% of the students started working at the end of the experience and 30% were absorbed during the year, a proof of the initiative’s validity and effectiveness.
The 16 companies that will welcome the students are: Atelier HCI, Calzaturificio Nebuloni Eugenio, Calzaturificio Vittorio Valsecchi, Fratelli Rossetti, Ifaba, La Griffe, Novarlux Italia, Nuova Bollati Scarpe, Roveda, Seimenchanlou.