1j2a4878The Italian Fashion Schools and Academies, their courses and their students represent the heart of the future and the place of innovation for fashion.

Fashion Moda Graduate, by Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda, represents therefore a unique opportunity to make the most of young talents, thanks to fashion shows, meetings, workshops and set-ups that tell the fascinating work of designers during their formative period.

Even ARSUTORIA school, after selecting 4 guys among the most talented ones of the last year, has assigned each one of them a different theme to be developed taken from the trends book that ARSUTORIA publishes each season.

For Tatiana Dzhafarova, Carla Gemmiti,  Valentina Vagnoli and Alexandros Vasdekis, the adventure began to create their first capsule collection in view of a real fashion show.


The starting moodboard that Carla Gemmiti had to interpret for the creation of her line, for example, had as its theme the excellence of leather footwear. Her creativity had to express itself through an excellent design, the construction of trendy structures, the choice of the best leather and the perfection of craftsmanship.

The personal emotional journey that the designer has managed to convey with her creations is very interesting:

My collection is rich in weaves that, evoking a sort of cage, tell my personal story – emphasises Carla – In the reworked version of the mood, in fact, I was inspired by a period of my life in which I felt trapped in a choice that didn’t fit me and I wanted to escape. I am happy to have had the courage to choose freedom and to do what I love.


The collection by Carla Gemmiti

The Greek Alexandros Vasdekis, however, has been confronted with the metaphor of femininity par excellence: the Boudoir. A place capable of stimulating desire without revealing anything explicitly, which leaves room for imagination. The designer interpreted it like this:

For me Boudoir embodies the essence of elegance combined with sensuality and pure femininity. Leaving little to the imagination, I wanted to create a collection where black predominated; a collection that, once worn, would elevate a woman’s trust, make her feel sensual and attractive.


The collection by Alexandros Vasdekis

Once the initial moodboard was developed and reinterpreted, the guys entered the creative process of the collection as real protagonists.

Accompanied by expert technicians, they have chosen the most appropriate structures and collaborated with important Italian companies to elaborate their designs and thus obtain the desired products.

The choice of top quality leathers, all coming from Italian tanneries, or the personalised creation of some heels at the excellences of the Lombard manufacturing industry is fundamental.

From the search for all the necessary materials, components and accessories, they then moved on to making paper pattern and microfiber tests, finally arriving to the actual assembly of the footwear, which took place in the teaching laboratory – a real own small shoe factory – present at ARSUTORIA school.


The collection by Tatiana Dzhafarova

The young designers had therefore the opportunity to create their own collection of shoes and bags, starting from the initial idea to get to the concrete construction of the pair or prototype, developing a complete process and accumulating a unique and unrepeatable experience… in addition to the priceless satisfaction to see their creations on the catwalk.


The collection by Valentina Vagnoli