“It is a concrete, engaging and transparent activity designed to communicate the Association’s commitment to sustainability – says the president of ASSOMAC, Gabriella Marchioni Bocca. We wanted to be pro-active: we are aware about the CO2 we produced, with our machines in the different productive processes. That’s why we are working hard in devising new machines able to give a more effective contribution to CO2 reduction.
Sustainability in productive processes is a balanced mix of sustainable raw materials, chemicals and others, and sustainable new and innovative machines.”

The project underwritten by ASSOMAC, in collaboration with Treedom (the only web platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow its growth online), brings about positive environmental changes, such as CO2 reabsorption, reforestation, biodiversity protection, the countering of soil erosion and desertification, but also brings positive impacts to the communities in the chosen locations.

Every single tree is planted, photographed, geolocated and is visible online: on the ASSOMAC website it will be possible to follow the evolution of the project. An example of a forward-looking model of active participation for a more sustainable world, in which the Association plays a key role as a guarantor of current environmental and social challenges.