ASSOMAC, con la collaborazione del Politecnico Internazionale per lo Sviluppo Industriale ed Economico (P.I.S.I.E.), ha pensato a un evento vetrina per Centri di Ricerca Internazionali, Aziende, Università e influencer dell'Industria della Moda, in cui presentare il loro contributo all'Innovazione e al Trasferimento Tecnologico, durante il prossimo SIMAC TANNING TECH.

ASSOMAC, with the collaboration of the International Polytechnic for Industrial and Economic Development (P.I.S.I.E.), has thought of a showcase event for International Research Centres, Companies, Universities and influencers of the Fashion Industry, in which to present their contribution to Innovation and Technology Transfer, during the next SIMAC TANNING TECH.

In this first edition of “ASSOMAC TALKS”, 12 Technological Centres and International Institutions, specialised in analytical services and footwear and leather processing tests, will animate the ‘chats’ in the name of technological innovation.

Each Centre will present its latest R&D results, new projects and its prospects for the future of the fashion industry, through a daily showcase of short presentations, followed by a digital round table, which will see the involvement of experts in responding to targeted questions posed by ASSOMAC.
Topics will be: Sustainability, Safety and ICE’s contribution to the development of “Technological Service Centres” in developing countries.

In addition, through the speakers’ profile on the “Simac Tanning Tech 2021 APP” application, it will be possible to get in direct contact with them, in order to ask further questions on the topics discussed or make contact with the reference institutions.

An important experience in disseminating and promoting concrete results of new technologies and an excellent opportunity to create a direct link for business opportunities.

During the next edition of SIMAC TANNING TECH (22-24 September 2021), a dedicated area will be set up within the exhibition space and the contents developed will also be available on an online streaming service (STT TV).