The book issued to celebrate the Vigevanese firm’s 70 years in the trade is much more than an autobiography


It goes well beyond the story of a firm the book presented on 14 May last in Vigevano by ATOM during a festive evening organized at the premises of Via Morosini, which also saw the firm receive a certificate of merit from the Rotary Foundation.

Entitled “ATOM – Autobiography of a metanational enterprise“, the book edited by Rubbettino compiles articles by 15 different writers from academics to other experts in the sector, coordinated by professor Paolo C. Pissavino who teaches “History of ideas of Europe” at Pavia University.

The project of this book has taken two years of work in a particularly difficult economic period but we felt it our duty to go through with it both to honour the founders and prepare the way for the third generation, through telling the story of leadership based on what for us are indispensable values such as transparency, innovation and self-financing

explained Giovanni Gaia, president of Atom.

In over 300 pages it follows the salient steps during almost 70 years made by this firm, a world leader in the production of cutting systems, from its beginning as a small engineering works through to internationalization that has transformed it into a 70 million euro group with branches worldwide and which in 2009 managed to acquire Main Group of the Veneto, already a leader in injection moulding, thus extending its range to synthetic footwear.

Beside relating the firm’s challenges and successes, each period dealt with in the text offers the authors a chance for interesting reflections on the development of the footwear-engineering sector in the Vigevano area and Italy in general, from both the technological and macroeconomic points of view.

The book ends with with a glimpse of the future and the announcement of setting up in 2013 the Atom Lab:

a new organizational unit prepared to take up the challenges of an automated factory, experiments on new materials and construction methods, changing scenarios of footwear increasingly focused on functional versatility, equipped with intelligent devices and sensors, real “walking machines” – to paraphrase Le Corbusier

writes professor Carnevale Maffè

The book is dedicated to the memory of Stefano Cantella and Luciano Deambrosis, the latter – recently deceased – was one of the founders of Atom together with Lorenzo Gaia and Emiliano Cantella.