Aldo Donati

The news of the death of Aldo Donati, owner of the Ausonia tannery (Santa Croce sull’Arno), took us by surprise. We will miss his passionate and in-depth knowledge of the sector, his cigar and his curious sympathy. He died last December 23, at the age of 74.

Ausonia tannery, founded in 1946 by Marino Donati, picking up a family tradition, has been transformed, over the years, by his son Aldo into an international reference point thanks to experience, research and innovation.
If in the first years of the company’s life the production was mainly of sole leather and cowhide, the introduction of  much more refined new machinery and new tanning solutions have helped to streamline the production process and expand the turnover.
Today Ausonia, with over 18,000 m² of factories, is able to produce up to 70,000 m² of leather per month.

In recent days, many have recalled how Aldo himself, in 2009, welcomed in his company, among the few selected in the whole country, the visit of the then Chinese president Hu Jintao. 
We will remember him for his tireless work and his ability to joke with detachment but sagacity, with his making you feel at home every time you met him in Tuscany or at some fair around the world.

We warmly embrace his family and all colleagues.