We already saw the innovative bonding island for automatic coupling developed by AUTEC in use last year. In 2020 it has been further improved and perfected so as to be even more flexible, autonomous and efficient.
The island consists of an anthropomorphic robot equipped with a spray gun for the application of glue and a gripping system for components such as leather, silks and fillers. All powered by a pallet conveyor system, on which the various components are placed in a referred position.

This system provides numerous advantages, such as the possibility of coupling two or more components with extreme precision, keeping the support surface always clean and saving on over-spray and glue usage. The easy and immediate programming of the machine and its ability to work without the supervision of an operator and in complete autonomy for about 5 hours, also allows you to optimise production (pallets can be prepared in parallel, while the machine continues processing alone).
Finally, the system also allows to respond to the growing need to produce ever smaller and more varied batches since the component picking and glueing programmes are automatically stored and recalled thanks to the reading of the RFID chips present on the pallets, in addition to the capacity of the robot to perform a tool change automatically adapting itself to the work cycle or type of component.

There are several innovations implemented in the version presented at SIMAC 2020:
– The application of glue along any path thanks to the implementation of a vision system that allows the glue to be applied along any path (a component can be glued both for filling and on the perimeter).
– Coupling with glue on two sides. Now the glue can be applied on both components subject to coupling.
– The integration with a turner and with a hot press which, after automatic coupling, allows the pieces to also be turned and/or hot pressed automatically, and then go back to the pallet.