_k4_2360Automation becomes more and more a fundamental element in all phases of creation and realisation of the fashion product, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and the ability to reconcile the request for customisation with the logic of an industrial process.

From this point of view, companies of the Atom Group presented the most innovative solutions for each production step, from the design of the footwear to the cutting of materials, from direct injection to the assembly of components: different systems, technologies and machinery designed to integrate and interact in a path that leads from the conception of the shoe to its transformation into a product on an industrial scale.

_k4_2396As for Main Group, the company’s internal research and development division has developed NTME (No Touch Moulds Exchange), an automatic mould change system, designed and built for new generation PU direct injection machines, which allows extraordinary advantages in terms of plant productivity.

In a context that requires ever shorter production cycles, with a reduced number of pieces per item, the plants need repeated and frequent mould changes: with the new NTME system it is possible to manage them automatically and program the change operation during the work cycle, eliminating machine downtime and increasing the OEE, the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, up to 15%.