The autumn-winter 20-21 season is characterized by a dense and generous decoration: nature serves as a guiding light, giving bloom to enchanted night forests and jungles, populated by a playful fauna. Florals gleam with a strange light and graphic foliage is inspired by animal motifs, becoming more abstract and marked by clashing waves. Colour palettes are carefully studied, playing with very dark tone-on-tones or contrasting shades featuring a charming dissonance.

Magical nights
A strange atmosphere between dusk, dawn and south american nights sublimates landscapes, creating a magical imaginary world where trees are tinged with mystical blues and intoxicating purples, where contours blur and the moon illuminates the vegetal world with an enchanting glow.

Strident flowers
Paranormal, hybrid and very bright – the season’s flowers leave no one indifferent. They radiate a sinister shine, look strangely unrealistic, are inverted, solarized, stylishly deformed, without losing an inch of their allure.

Stylised foliage
Precise branchesand dense foliage mark the season. Veinings are highlighted, contours are crisp and arranged, and sometimes an entire tree emerges as the main subject.
Boundaries between plant and animal motifs blur, hybrid forms of foliage, animal, insect as well as layered graphics confuse the eye. This gives rise to a clever mimicry, creating deft graphic interference and camouflage.

Inhabited forests
Cockatoo, parrots, humming birds and fabulous long-tailed birds populate exotic nocturnal jungles. Monkeys, rabbits and other domestic animals hide in forests drawn with clarity and coloured imaginatively.

Colourful waves
The season’s abstracts tend essentially to marbling and its pigmented waves. Colours are vivid, sometimes jarring, their motion varying from a slight water-coloured effect to more neatly drawn and full flat tints. Proposals are inventive, very alluring in their optical plays and colourful harmonies.