B-CHEM s.r.l., a highly advanced chemical company, was founded in the 1960s starting its activity in a sector very far from fashion: the production of floor polishing machines and subsequently the production of abrasive stones.
In the 1990s, the range was extended with the addition of epoxy systems and polyester glues for the marble-stone-granite sector, of which B-CHEM is the largest Italian producer with a daily production of almost 30 tons. In 2000 were added putties for car bodies, while in 2017 was launched a project for the opening of a new plant, which took place this year in July, related to the production of polychloroprene and polyurethane adhesive, natural rubber and SBS, destined to general purposes, for upholstered furniture, and in particular for the footwear industry.
Currently B-CHEM exports over 98% of its total production to over 40 countries worldwide.