The season proposes an intense visual experience that stirs up real emotions: surprise, astonishment, desire. The digital language helps opening new possibilities, to invent and produce in a different way.
The colour range posits bright pulsations and unfolding rhythms, like a pulsating heart enveloped in a positive softness, confidently affirming the strength and vitality of fashion, colour and materials. Collaborations are intensifying, to propel us towards a future of new opportunities more sustainable, honest and deeply captivating. The indispensable need for ecological approaches and sustainable development is here to stay and provides a stimulating and innovative aesthetic. Colours trigger a longing for proactive expression, inviting us to explore combinations that shine a light on the beauty of materials and magnify the singularity of each know-how. All in a world where colours and visuals are the primary criteria of appeal, emotion and sensory transmission.
The colours of PV’s FW 22-23 range are expressed with a tempered luminosity, bright pulses, contrasting rhythms and absorbed pigmentations. Precious shades lend a warmth to the AW tones, with the luxurious tinted and faded shines of soft metals. And, within these warm tones, playing a key role this season, citrusy shades with a dazzling luminosity lend an energetic, vitamin-powered boost to winter. An essential, signaling shade to stimulate harmonies and decorations, appeal to the eye and underline the sporty silhouette.
FW 22-23 is a particularly colourful season. Fortifying brights lend a positive spontaneity to new generation primaries. Straightforward and saturated colourways, to juxtapose, cross and intermingle, to convey energy with a breathtaking vibrancy. Interplays of enigmatic chiaroscuro lend a mysterious dimension to the season. Pale hues are tinged with an artificial luminescence, darkness is warmed up by deep tones and dizzying shades, to refresh contrasts and update black and whites. Tempered nuances subtly coloured with greyish hues lend a nice softness to the season. Smoky, pigmented hues evoke a sense of familiarity, a comfortable casual mood softens combinations. The season’s palette delicately succeeds in balancing energetic intensity and serene tones. Colours freely open up new gateways between seasons, universes and creative fields.

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