The rich heritage of Bally, with its traditional relationship with architecture, art, and the environment, gives life to the Fall-Winter 2020 collection of sneakers that celebrates innovation and design: Bally Lift.

With a clean-cut and conservative look, representing the signature of this Swiss brand, Bally Lift is made from leathers with a glossy and light finish and state-of-the-art rubber soles that make these ethereal shoes the lightest weight sneakers of Bally. The basic and streamlined silhouette is exalted by the palette of colours that looks to black, white, and red, ensuring the versatile appeal suitable for both modern men and women. Among the distinctive traits of the brand characterising the proposals of the collection, we also find Bally Grip metallic motifs, Bally Stripe tongues or silicon patches with logo, which characterise for example the style of Mathys, a hybrid in leather and nylon featuring a cold grey tone. The collection also proposes Mosis and Mya slip-ons to be worn with ease, featuring minimal and conservative decorations for an ethereal chic look.

Already confirmed as a classic of the contemporary brand, with its irresistible mix of craft workmanship and modern look, the Bally Lift collection is available in Bally boutiques and on its e-commerce platforms all over the world.