The company based in Morrovalle (MC) has been producing leather bands for more than 40 years, mainly used to cover, embellish and make wedges, plateau shoes, women heels, as well as many other types of trendy footwear, including those for men and children.
What does wrapping a bottom mean and what is it used for? The band consists of a single piece to be applied on the outer side of the sole with a single joint in the inner part of the shoe, the use of which allows to obtain multiple effects that finish the bottom of the footwear in a pretty much precious or imaginative way. The achievable effects obviously vary according to the materials used. In the case of Rubek we mainly talk about leather used in different variations: raw, decorated, polished, glued, milled.
Leather that gives life to strips that can be applied both manually and by means of an industrial injection process.
In recent years, however, Rubek also added the use of new microporous materials to the production of leather bands offering the possibility of applying bands with a wide variety of colours.
No doubt, those who rely on Rubek will be able to appreciate two values ​​in particular: the excellent quality of a made in Italy production and the willingness to follow customers in the creation of bandages that can be customised in size, shape and colour.

Some examples of the processing that Rubek is able to provide.
Alcuni esempi delle lavorazioni che Rubek è in grado di fornire.