Environmental sustainability is inherent in the history of Bartoli S.p.A. long before the issue became central to the development of modern economies.
The principles of recycle and reuse have been implemented for decades in the production cycle of Bartoli S.p.A. thanks to the experience in the processing of second raw material fibres that has been deriving from the paper mill activity for over a century.
Over the years, investments in new technologies have gone hand in hand with the obtained certifications, considered strategic, to strengthen the company’s statements on the environment, also avoiding the greenwashing risk.
In 2021, Bartoli S.p.A. carried out an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study, in collaboration with the Sant’Anna school of advanced studies of Pisa, evaluating and measuring the technical and environmental performances of the raw materials used, the production process and, finally, the finished product introduced on the market related to “end of life”.
Bartoli S.p.A. materials are mainly produced using recycled raw material through selected supply chains or using virgin fibre from responsibly managed forests according to FSC® standards. The products are either FSC® Recycled or FSC® Mix certified.
All fibreboards are also certified by Aticelca (an association that brings together technicians and experts from the paper industry) where the recyclability of paper reached level “A”. This means that, at the end of their life cycle, Bartoli fibreboards can be recycled and become new paper without generating any waste. Bartoli S.p.A. itself has started a new plant years ago to maximise the recovery service of cardboard supply chain scraps in order to reuse them in its production process and avoid any waste.
There are also numerous investments in the most modern energy production technologies to try to limit the growing energy costs increases and at the same time reduce the emissions of climate-altering gases. Recently, an additional 105 KW of photovoltaic panels have been installed.
Even the water cycle, equipped with its own treatment plant, is controlled and designed for reuse and, therefore, to significantly reduce the water consumption per kg of paper produced.
In 2019 Bartoli S.p.A. started a partnership with Treedom®, a platform that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow their growth, absorb CO2 and introduce clean oxygen into the atmosphere.
The company, which is ISO 14001: 2015 certified, continually sets itself the goals to improve its performance and achieve its mission in order to promote Eco-innovation also through areas of strategic research and development.