With a focus increasingly oriented towards innovation, BASF presents its advanced solution in Elastopan® polyurethane material, which has been introduced to support “Center of Balance” technology in the training shoes of Mizuno. Thanks to the use of the innovative BASF solution in the geometries of the midsole, in fact, Mizuno’s TC-01 and TC-02 training shoes increase the sensitivity of the feet and improve equilibrium, all to the advantage of athletic performance. Through activation bumps moulded into the surface of the midsole, information regarding the terrain and the surface the feet are coming into contact with is transmitted with a high degree of accuracy to the sole of the foot, helping to improve balancing capabilities, an essential requirement in a number of different sports activities. Moreover, the new BASF polyurethane has high hydrolysis resistance and good bonding strength, and unlike conventional materials, BASF’s PU materials can conform easily and seamlessly to the uneven shape of the activation bumps moulded into the surface of the midsole. “Sharing a common goal of pursuing innovation and performance, we are confident that our polyurethane midsole, combined with Mizuno’s COB technology will maximise comfort and functionality in footwear applications”, comments Manfred Pawlowski, Vice President for Consumer Industry Performance Materials BASF Asia Pacific.