The presence in Italy of a high number of showrooms – in Milan alone there are 1000 – has made it necessary and important to create a network and identifying brand, with the aim of promoting its image on a national and international level. From this idea arrives Best Showroom, an exclusive Club open to the very best Italian multibrand showrooms promoted by Assomoda/Confcommercio, which made its debut at the last edition of MICAM Milano.

“In order to be able to join the Club and become a Best Showroom Member – explained its president, Giulio di Sabato – showrooms have to reach high standards of excellence, ranging from the quality of the brands represented to a solid organisational structure, as well as proven professional ethics: distinctive features that make the Best Showrooms an authentic expression of the Italian fashion supply chain”. Referring to the new initiative is also Tommaso Cancellara, CEO of MICAM: “The footwear industry faces significant challenges in the wake of the difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic: the economic data, thanks largely to exports, is allowing us to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It is, however, important that our companies seize every available opportunity to reposition themselves as market leaders. Best Showroom is a truly important initiative; this is one of the key productive sectors for Made in Italy. An added value not only for businesses, which can use the service 365 days a year, but also for trade fairs which, by integrating an excellent distribution system, can increase their offering and confirm their role as a driving force for the economic recovery of the country”.

Among the services the Club offers members is the use of a digital B2B platform for the promotion of the showroom, consultancy for digital development, information on buyers and manufacturers, legal counsel and assistance in debt collection, banking agreements and assistance with calls for funding proposals, recovery and sales of stock, and location selection for sales campaigns and events in Italy and abroad.

Tommaso Cancellara