With the launch of the Perfomance Fit Lab (2,700 square metres) at its headquarters in Denver – in partnership with the University of Denver, the manufacturer of the award-winning Boa® Fit System is conducting scientifically independent studies that measure the biomechanical impact in its solutions . Through the development of new configurations made possible with the Boa Fit System, Boa is working together with main partner brands to revolutionise the construction of traditional footwear and improve the performance of the athlete.
Boa’s initial study, carried out in collaboration with the University of Denver, focuses on the benefits in terms of agility and speed and on how the Boa Fit System allows faster movements and more energetic changes of direction thanks to a connection between equipment and body without interruption.
Tests show that with a three-panel configuration, the Boa Fit System improves the athlete’s strength, speed and energy transfer through five key movements by 1.5–5%.