Fabrizio Nuti
Fabrizio Nuti

A brand-new tannery, equipped with latest-generation technologies and machines that guarantee a greater efficiency in the production process and a considerable saving of resources. The new 3,500 sqm warehouse, adjacent to the old Nuti Ivo tannery in Santa Croce sull’Arno, is by now almost completely set up and when this paper is printed, it will have already begun production, which is completely dedicated to the finishing of leathers. A considerable investment that, along with an additional 2,500 sqm facility, entailed an outlay approximately eight million euros for the Tuscan group made up of seven tanneries:

The production plants of the Nuti Ivo tannery were obsolete and we needed to widen the space and production – explains the group’s number one, Fabrizio Nuti – The automated systems will enable us to produce at least 20% more, but also to reduce errors and processing waste. Thanks to the effectiveness of the new spraying lines, we intend to achieve considerable savings as far as the use of chemical products is concerned, while the solar panels installed on the roof will help us to curb the energy bills.

From the logistic point of view, nothing was left to chance and we chose the technologies thoroughly: “We did not just choose the best on the market: after a year of tests, we selected and assembled machine parts from different suppliers and personalized the whole on the basis of our needs” Nuti tells us proudly.


panoramicaA tannery that will become a reference model for the whole group that works sheepskins and bovine hides destined for the high-end leather goods, footwear and clothing sectors. In total, in the various production units, approximately 40 million feet a year are produced with 250 employees. In the seven tanneries of the group, which has an annual turnover of approximately 140 million euros, they carry out all types of tanning: from chromium to vegetable, and also metal-free. “We are able to meet any request from the market”.

For the last few years the group has also been self-sufficient as far as chemical products are concerned:

Four years ago, the opportunity to start producing chemical formulations arose and we immediately seized it. Today we are very happy with it because it enables us to operate in total safety as far as the Reach regulations and the increasingly restrictive requests from the big fashion brands are concerned – says Nuti.