Andrea Fiume

Bsamply’s story began in 2017 and reached an important milestone with the first edition of the Bsamply Tradeshow Project staged from September to July 2020, which saw almost 5000 buyers and 60 highly-profiled suppliers interact in a virtual environment, creating an online tradeshow that guaranteed an all-encompassing experience. In a continuous path of growth, the platform has been renewed and its features have been upgraded to better meet the needs of buyers and suppliers. This important step forward prompted the CEO of the startup, Andrea Fiume, to launch the second edition of the online tradeshow, namely the Bsamply Tradeshow Project Spring/Summer 2022.
From mid-January 2021 and lasting three months, the show is based on the cornerstones of the pilot edition, i.e. user-friendliness and faithful simulation of offline sales processes, but with many new innovative features, first and foremost the opening up to new international markets, including France, the United Kingdom and Japan. Another noteworthy aspect is the creation of a section dedicated to suppliers who act responsibly by respecting the environment. “The first edition allowed us to understand how we can improve,” explains Andrea Fiume, CEO of Bsamply. “Through dialogue with buyers and suppliers who have decided to take part in this ambitious challenge, we have developed new features. We know that it isn’t simple to come to grips with a sales system that is totally different from the one you are used to, so we are constantly working to make our platform easier to use and full of features able to speed up and streamline the processes. Digitization is undoubtedly the future, but be careful not to see it as the final solution: to reap the full benefits, you have to use it actively, urging your suppliers or customers to take part in this transition. Registrations for the second edition are already open, the aim is to grow further, to enrich the offer and make this event a constant for the textile sector.” The latest updates developed by Bsamply simplify meetings and exchange of information thanks to the possibility of scheduling appointments and video calls directly from the platform to allow salespeople to present their collections. But that’s not all, the new tools also include the possibility for operators to show their collections by organizing the products in a way that best suits their sales logic. "We started with the world of fashion, but we are not hiding the fact that we want to expand to other sectors as well,” concludes Fiume. “Digitalization of business processes now affects all fields. Having a platform on which it is possible to manage the entire sales process is a fundamental resource, it is no longer the future, but the present.”