The name is Camheelion™ and like a chameleon, it changes its skin: it is an innovative line of heels covered in a customisable film. Protagonists of the project are Tacchificio Villa Cortese, manufacturing excellence with its expertise in the world of women’s haute couture heels, and 3M, the company that transforms science into solutions for different productive industries.
What makes Camheelion™ extraordinary? First of all, is its use of 3M DI-NOC films, with 3M Envision offering an infinite number of possibilities in terms of design and customisation. A feature that we were fully able to appreciate at the company’s stand at the fair, which showcased not only the textured effects of wood and marble, but also highly colourful pop patterns.
The second point in favour of Camheelion™ is represented by its sustainability. Materials are of low environmental impact, while the films used allows production discards to be reduced to a minimum. In fact, while even a small imperfection in a raw heel makes it unsuitable to a galvanic or lacquered finish, the heel covered in film does not have this same drawback. Additionally, the use of films allows heels that were previously galvanized or lacquered to be refinished, giving them a second life.
“We are happy to have collaborated with Tacchificio Villa Cortese on this project, which has shown how artisanal know-how can constantly reinvent itself and improve itself thanks to innovation. – declared Antonella Narcisi, Senior Design Manager, and Giuseppe De Bellis, Lead Industrial Designer from 3M – Camheelion™ has also allowed us to highlight the extreme versatility of 3M films, which have proven themselves to also be suited to extremely demanding markets like that of luxury. In particular, since sustainability is one of the key concepts of 3M, we are proud to have helped our partner identify a solution for finishing heels that is more respectful of the environment, while at the same time maintaining a high standard of quality”.
“We are proud to have collaborated with a prestigious reality like 3M and to have taken the concept of open innovation and inserted it into a concrete project made up by a technical and stylistically sustainable proposal – confirm Alessandro Paganini, COO; and Silvia Paganini, Sales and Marketing Director of Tacchificio Villa Cortese – It is a collaboration that will not end with Camheelion™, since the technical features and performance of 3M solutions can be used towards other innovative applications in the field of footwear”.