soles-by-michelin_camper_sneaker_1From one end, there is Michelin, which for the last 120 years has been a leader in innovative solutions for safety and high performance, while allowing solid contact to be maintain
ed with the ground at all times and in all kinds of weather, in both its tires and soles. From the other end is Camper, the Majorcan footwear brand that combines a unique character with style and comfort. Between the two is a limited edition sneaker destined to create a stir for its advanced resistance, technical experience without equal, and style: the Camper Rolling Michelin Pilot Sport Sneaker.

Launched in Lisbon in conjunction with the presentation of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tire, the urban Camper Rolling Michelin Pilot Sport Sneaker mounts a sole in the colours of the brand – while, blue and yellow – while the upper is multi-material, black-on-black, with checked velvet on the side as on the tire, and the unmistakable Michelin Man on the back of the shoe.soles-by-michelin_camper_sneaker_3

The partnership of Michelin with Camper first began with a unisex collection for FW 18/19, while Rolling debuted in SS19 in 20 different variants: high, low, lace-up, slip-on in white, black, and pastel-coloured versions, making it a bona fide must-have for the summer.

The Camper Rolling by Michelin limited edition project required many long months of work by a team of individuals located in different countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France: their commitment, professionalism, and know-how allowed for the completion of a special project destined to become a great hit. “The Rolling Michelin is an example of how Michelin Shoes does not limit itself to developing solutions for customised soles, our core business, but thanks to the teamwork with Michelin, we study and identify potential marketing and commercial opportunities, aimed at achieving new targets, to propose to our partners. Camper is only the first”, confirmed Ambrogio Merlo, Director of JVI for Michelin Soles.

Replying to him is Enar Lazcano Alberdi, COO of Camper, “Right from the start, Michelin and Camper had a strong mutual understanding capable of making this project a success. The fact that we come from extremely different sectors has made the collaboration more powerful. Our work with Michelin and JVI, which sees us designing increasingly advanced soles for Camper customers with each new season, is fantastic, and we were happy to host the entire team in the Camper design laboratory for the adaptation of the new tire into our Rolling sneaker, which was wrapped up with its final launching”.

The Camper Rolling by Michelin can be found in 11 select European stores (Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, London, Lisbon, Munich, Vienna, and Zurich) and online on