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Biodegradable shoes

What is meant by biodegradable shoe? Let me say it in a simple way: you put it in the soil, you wait a little while and in the end you can’t find it anymore because it has turned into something else.

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Inspiramais moves for the first time to Porto Alegre/RS

Seven thousand fashion professionals are expected on 25 and 26 January 2022 at the 25th edition of Inspiramais, which for the first time will take place in Porto Alegre. The Conexão Inspiramais project will be one of the highlights, with the proposal of over one thousand innovative materials for the 2023_I fashion season.

Vigevano: years of economic boom, benzol, and other stories

Lights and shadows on the historic capital of footwear in the Sixties, between the golden years and the beginning of its long rise to success. This is the basis for “Vigevano during the Boom. Shoes, benzol, and other stories” written by two journalists (Filippo Caserio, author of various books and monographs based on local history, and Alessandra Ceriani), published by the Astrolabio Cultural Association and by the Punto & Virgola publishing house in Vigevano with the contribution of the Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano and the sponsorship of the City of Vigevano

Lineapelle restarts with a bang

Over 11,000 visitors coming from more than 70 countries confirm that the event dedicated to leather, materials and components desigend for the fashion, accessory, design and automotive manufacturing industry is The Best Place to Be

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