tubeless3Cauchos Arnedo, a leading Spanish manufacturer of rubber soles, launches the Air Tubeless technology for all its soles

Little over a year has passed since the production unit of the Spanish firm Cauchos Arnedo was destroyed by a devastating fire. From the dust of this misfortune has now risen brand new premises of some 8,000 square meters, that house three new production lines that enable the sole manufacturer to turn out between 15 and 20 thousand pairs a day. This is an avant-guard firm featuring a Research and Development Laboratory able to create personalized items for all types of customers, and an innovative line of presses specially designed for Cauchos Arnedo, to make the latest in multicoloured soles.

Despite the difficulties of the last year Cauchos Arnedo, during Lineapelle, launched on the market a new technology incorporated in its soles: Air Tubeless. This system is designed to improve the comfort of all kinds of footwear, from that for professional use to casuals with heels. It is suited to any type of product (in fabric, leather, etc.) and all designs, well fitted for one and two colour soles of all kinds.

Air Tubeless is a technology that Cauchos and Semic offer exclusively, to obtain footwear with a reduced pressure on the sole of the foot of up to -30%, just as if one were walking on soft grass. Furthermore this offers greater thermal insulation of between +31% and +52%. The exclusive system of micro tubes incorporated in the soles makes walking more comfortable, protects joints and reduces the impact shock by up to 55%, with the obvious benefits. Then Air Tubeless is also able to reduce by 24% the muscular stress in the lumbar region, helping to prevent back pain.

An innovation to take into great consideration, of versatile production, that can adapt to any type of sole.