ciucani_img_9209The real strength of a company is its ability to innovate, which is necessary to protect itself from the competition. An innovation that links science and technology to creativity and experience, a fusion that becomes art and breaks old patterns and limiting preconceptions. This is the logic of Ciucani, a company appreciated by footwear manufacturers for its ability to evolve and sometimes revolutionise the industry with the technology of its machines: machines stemming from a creative challenge among artisans who have become titans. Let’s not forget the curved needle, designed to imitate the awl, which allows constructing moccasins indistinguishable from those made by hand, precise and regular, as well as easier to produce in large numbers.

Ciucani has perfected a construction system for men-women-children’s footwear, simplifying procedures, eliminating glues and nails, reducing investments and manpower, thanks to machines that can skilfully replace manual processes, offering a fast, reliable and consistent execution.

In the collective imagination, “handmade” production is considered the pinnacle, however, machines do not necessarily offer a lower level of quality, on the contrary, sometimes the regularity of the machine execution is more continuous, giving the final product a more attractive look.

ciucani_img_9212Like the innovative GOODYEAR FLEX CIUCANI, the system that allows a more agile, accurate and comfortable production of footwear, with a reduction in processing times and investments, which certainly represents a turning point in production systems. Beautiful, comfortable shoes, easier and less expensive to make… basically, every shoemaker’s dream!

One of the winning features of the Ciucani machines is their convertibility. In fact, they are versatile tools for footwear manufacturers who often, at the change of season or fashion, have had to abandon entire production lines, facing high financial costs. Today, all this can be prevented.